First year, it came 6th overall. After quickly replacing a blown diff with the wrong ratio diff for Archerfield Stadium Bash), we were the last off the line but by two laps and after passing two cars while in the air over the jumps we made it in to second place in hot pursuit just to be call off the track due to the bash plate creating sparks by rubbing on the harmonic balancer.

We talked them into letting us continue but by then it was two late. Sadly Terry's Terror died on the practice track after going airborne before a corner and hitting some way up a tree. The diver was not aware of the jump.


Square section front bumper

Steal bash plate

Longer front coils

Rear axle under springs (tramping was an issue for the welder to deal with)

Twin chrome exhaust stacks

Radiator and battery in the back

Light rack

Cut out rear guards

Duel rear wheels

Weld lock diff (nearly caused me to hit the Woombye railway bridge when driving down from the range)

Different attempts with rear budget traction devises

Railway line rear bumper for weight - that saved us in stadium bash but unfortunately did a lot of damage to the car that hit us after we had to stop at a bottle neck and sent one to hospital. We hardly felt it.


6th Overall (First Year)