Test n’ Track (TNT) Moot is a Rover motorsport event designed for crews to be able to bring their bash cars to a non competitive environment, and learn how their cars operate and how to drive them on different types of tracks and surfaces.

The event is designed to supplement Banana Bash, and provides the perfect stepping stone for new and old drivers to prepare for Banana Bash that year, and to test their cars/any modifications that have been carried out on their cars before attending a competitive event.

All crews attending the event are expected to complete some amount of service. There are two main areas in which a contribution can be made, attending service weekends, and marshalling. Service is required to get tracks and site in a usable state for the event. The running of the event relies on many of these tasks to be completed, and its simply too much work for the committee to accomplish on its own.

List of Test n' Track MootsEdit

Year Chair Location Notes
2017 Mark Tarman Karingal Scout Campsite